The Korean drama that has the worst performance at the moment: Seeing rating decrease after only 2 episodes

Like “A Business Proposal”, this drama also tells about a similar topic and has its female lead played by an idol-turned-actress but fails to arouse the viewers’ interest.

Apart from several hot dramas these days, such as “Thirty Nine”, “Twenty-five Twenty-one”, and “A Business Proposal”,Crazy Love” is also a work that has received keen attention but in a negative way. Led by the famous female idol Krystal and handsome actor Lee Jae Wook, “Crazy Love” also centers around the trending topic of an office romance. However, the drama doesn’t seem to attract much interest from audiences.

Not having a ‘pink mood’ like “A Business Proposal”, but “Crazy Love” has similar characters: an arrogant boss and an ordinary female employee. One more coincidence is that “Crazy Love” Krystal and “A Business Proposal” Kim Se Jeong are both idols. However, while the rival keeps on breaking its own records, “Crazy Love” already witnesses a decrease in ratings after 2 episodes. 

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Airing at a similar time as “A Business Proposal”, “Crazy Love” recorded a low viewership of 3.4% for its first episode, which is even worse than the performance of the previous drama on KBS 2TV – “Moonshine”. The rating didn’t improve after episode 2 was aired but even dropped sharply to only 2.4%. If this downward trend continues, “Crazy Love” will be the rare drama aired in March 2022 that has its rating reach the range of 1%. Apart from poor ratings, this series only received 5.4 points on Douban, which is the lowest figure compared to that of the recent K-dramas (“Twenty-five Twenty-one” – 9.0 and “A Business Proposal” – 8.1). The viewers don’t discuss much about this drama and their reviews are also not good.

crazy love

Netizens’ comments:

  • The content is quite new but I feel like the main couple has no chemistry at all, I hope they’ll be better in the future.
  • Kim Jae Wook acted in a lot of dramas but I feel this script is not suitable for him, he is more suitable for scripts with detective and criminal themes.
  • Why do I feel like Krystal’s acting is more boring this time around than the previous ones, even though she’s one of the idols who can act well
krystal crazy love

Crazy Love” tells the crazy love story between a man who pretends to have amnesia after learning that he is about to be murdered and a girl who decides to pretend to be the man’s fiancé with the excuse that she doesn’t have much time left to live. Kim Jae Wook plays No Go Jin, the most popular mathematics instructor in the private education field and the CEO of GOTOP Education. Meanwhile, Lee Shin A (Krystal) works as No Go Jin’s secretary. She is a diligent and responsible employee. Due to her quiet and introverted personality, she has little presence with her boss No Go Jin and her colleagues at work. The two of them, because of the boundary between life and death, decided to go on a crazy-love-play together. The content is quite new, but unfortunately, the first 2 episodes of “Crazy Love” did not create the expected effect. Hopefully, in the upcoming episodes, the series will have many positive changes.

crazy love
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