“Spiderman” Tom Holland reportedly overcomes alcohol addiction after meeting his girlfriend Zendaya

Tom Holland revealed the miracle that happen to him after dating Zendaya. 

On May 9th (local time), the online media outlet Entertainment Weekly reported an interesting story in their exclusive interview with actor Tom Holland (26 years old).

Holland confessed, “I’ve overcome alcohol addiction. I have given up on drinking for one year and four months”. Earlier, the actor previously said he was always drunk during the Covid-19 pandemic.

tom holland

Tom Holland, who is scheduled to make a comeback on the small screen through Apple TV+’s “The Crowded Room”, said, “Working physically on action films is not something unfamiliar to me”. He added, “However, playing that role from a mental aspect gave me a hard time, and it took me a long time to recover and return to my daily life.”

Based on his experience, he continued, “I hope viewers will have more respect and empathy for those who are struggling with mental health issues”, adding “I hope people will be well educated on the power of mental health, our struggles, and our amazing ability to survive.”

Meanwhile, Tom Holland and Zendaya met in 2016 as Peter Parker and MJ in the movie “Spider-Man: Homecoming”. 

Zendaya and Tom Holland

Later in 2021, the two were caught sharing sweet affectionate moments in a car. As dating rumors arose, Tom Holland and Zendaya also confirmed their romantic relationship.

Regardless of paparazzi or the observation of people around them, the couple boldly enjoyed their dates and showed affection for each other in public.

Tom Holland was recently revealed to have purchased a mansion worth 3 million pounds (approximately 4 billion won) in London, where he plans to live with Zendaya.

Source: Insight

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