Following the ‘Water Bomb’ craze, Kwon Eun Bi caught up in unexpected controversy

After participating in the summer music festivals of 2023, Kwon Eun Bi has become a “hot” name.

After participating in the Water Bomb 2023 festival, Kwon Eun Bi gained more attention and became famous. She earned the nickname “Summer Queen” thanks to her captivating performances and sultry attire that drove the audience wild.

With her attractive physique, Kwon Eun Bi often chose short outfits that showcased her body curves during festival stages. Since the festival audience was restricted to individuals over 18 years old, the female singer received an even more enthusiastic reception.

In her daring outfits, the singer born in 1995 gave her all on the stage. She became a familiar face at various music festivals this year. The former IZ*ONE member openly revealed that she had received numerous ‘love calls’ after gaining fame at the Water Bomb 2023 event.

 Kwon Eun Bi

Recently, Eun Bi was unexpectedly caught up in a controversy. Some people were displeased with the sexy style she was pursuing, believing that she intentionally dressed provocatively on the music stage.

At the recent Cass Cool Festival, Kwon Eun Bi wore a bra top with denim shorts, sparking a debate over whether or not her outfit was too revealing. On the contrary, many fans spoke up in defense, praising Kwon Eun Bi for her fresh and sexy appearance. Moreover, her stage outfit was perfectly in line with the atmosphere and theme of the festival.

kwon eun bi

During her time in IZ*ONE, Kwon Eun Bi was recognized for her beautiful body figure. Sharing her weight loss experience as a trainee, she revealed that she had to lose weight to meet the beauty standards of the industry and increase her debut opportunities. Her strict diet regime included eating sliced apples for breakfast, with one slice of apple every hour.
In an interview, Kwon Eun Bi shared some interesting anecdotes. She preferred working part-time at a bingsu restaurant during a heatwave over working at a bakery that produces 100 loaves of bread each day.

Kwon Eun Bi explained that working at the bakery was very tough, whereas there were choices that allowed her to have less strenuous work with sufficient income. Going against her parents’ wishes, Kwon Eun Bi had to take on the part-time job at the bakery to cover her art high school tuition. With the help of her younger brother, she managed to work at the bakery for two years. During her time on Mnet’s Produce 48, the bakery owner cheered her on, saying, “She is a reliable girl. I hope she succeeds as a singer.”

Kwon Eunbi

Kwon Eun Bi chose to forget dance moves rather than forgetting song lyrics during performances. She chose a leading role in MBN’s “I Am a Natural Person” over Mnet’s “Show Me the Money.”
Kwon Eun Bi shared that she would rather spend her whole life with a friend 24/7 than live a life without anyone by her side. She explained, “I can’t get used to doing something alone, so I want to be with someone.”
In early August, Kwon Eun Bi made a comeback, embracing an image that is both seductive and innocent, receiving much support from fans. Currently, she is actively engaged in various fields such as musicals, variety, radio, and more.

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