TXT is commented to be too safe and boring: Is Big Hit falling behind or hiding the “hole card”?

TXT’s debut received a mixed response from the public, raising questions about the future direction of Big Hit Entertainment for this brand new group.

Too safe and boring is one of the most mentioned opinions around the debut of “super rookie” TXT after long expectations. Those who hope to see the breakthrough of “BTS’s younger brother” must have been disappointed when they follow a bright concept, their debut song is only performed in a basic, not so impressive way. Some people even think that TXT is “one step backward” of Big Hit and they will not be so popular without the support of ARMY, BTS and the title “younger brothers of worldwide famous boy group”.

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TXT’s debut stage received mixed opinions

But looking more deeply into the debut of TXT, it is unlikely that this is the “falling behind” of Big Hit but it is possible that the company is “hiding their aces” while preparing a longer plan for the 5-member boy group although this may cause the group to be underrated for their debut.

Having a moderate debut stage so that it doesn’t overwhelm the next comeback

TXT‘s “CROWN” song is considered easy to hear, meaningful and… that’s all, nothing special. The song did not match the Korean style so it fell out 4/6 of the big charts, stumbling at the bottom of Melon after 4 days of release.

However, if considering the long run, the “nothing special” of “CROWN” might be good with the future of TXT. With talented producers, Big Hit can definitely compose a more breakthrough song for the group. But if the first song was such a great hit, it would be the big shadow for the group’s later comeback and TXT will inevitably be compared and decried if the following songs are no better than their debut song.

The praises come and go, but the public will remember if a song is controversial or becomes the subject of discussion for the netizens. Therefore, is Big Hit intentionally making TXT‘s debut song only at a safe level just enough for the audience to have something to expect while preparing for the future breakthrough?

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TXT’s debut song is moderated so that it won’t overwhelm the next songs?

The concept of maturing after years

TXT‘s concept, though judged to be boring and similar to other Kpop groups, is suitable for the age of the members. 4 of TXT’s 5 members are still teenagers, so it’d be lame if they pursue a sexy or “bad boy” image. Therefore, the “next-door boyfriend” concept is considered to be the most suitable for this time and is a foundation for the group to gradually move to other concepts according to the growth rate of the group.

Not to mention the bright, dynamic style of TXT also helps the group not be compared if they follow the swag and cool concept of BTS on debut.

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With the age of TXT members, there isn’t a more suitable concept than dynamic and playful

In particular, those who have been watching Big Hit will know that this company is very interested in the idea of concepts and music gradually changing and maturing over the years. BTS first debuted with reckless teenager images, their music focused on depicting the lives of teenagers in school life through a series of high school albums. Over time, BTS‘s music exploits many broader aspects, more profound music, and a calm and mature image. If BTS did so, then there is no reason Big Hit would make TXT stuck with a lively and happy teen concept forever.

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BTS from a swaggy concept in images and music …

Planning to go beyond Kpop?

5 songs in the album “The Dream Chapter: Star” are mostly in the electro-pop genre with a hint of EDM, synth pop. These are all trendy, catchy melodies that target more of an international audience than the domestic public (as evidenced by the TXT album winning iTunes No. 1 in 48 countries). This is different from other groups from other companies when most of them seek to focus on conquering the domestic market first.

Many international fans confess their love for the vibrant “Blue Orangeade” melody.

It must be said that Big Hit can make music suitable for Korean tastes, “Spring Day” of BTS becoming the song of the idol group with the longest ranking on the Melon chart is clear evidence. But it seems that with TXT, this company does not want everything to be wrapped up in the domestic market. Is Big Hit‘s ambition to reach out to the world, or penetrate to the US UK market; opening a new chapter in Kpop history when boldly stepping out of the “safe zone” of Korean public-sounding melodies, and the group’s debut album was an implicit proclamation for that?

Is Big Hit having the ambition to conquer international markets with TXT?

With the popularity of BTS worldwide today, this is possible. Big Hit has no reason for TXT to take the old steps but they might want to continue to deepen the international market, more precisely the US UK – where BTS is taking longer steps than all other artists.


If Big Hit is actually wanting TXT to step up steadily rather than a one-sided explosion, then the group’s debut song is safe but reasonable.

However, this “conspiracy theory” is actually considered a double-edged sword with TXT and Big Hit itself. TXT is under great pressure as the expectation of the public and foreign audience because of being the junior of BTS. If the public finds a boring and normal group, they will lose interest and no longer hold many expectations to follow the 5 boys’ maturity path.

The public is not a fan, they are just “passers-by” that curious of a new group of a company “from zero to hero”, therefore, they are not patient enough to observe, analyze and waiting on the next display of TXT. TXT is in a position that is different from BTS and it is hard to repeat the feat of changing after many years of debuting like their seniors. This continues to put pressure on TXT to have significant progress in the next comeback. If the next product of the Big Hit‘s “youngest child” is still only in the middle of the current level, then the group will not escape the shadow of the senior and make the public audience lose interest.

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While having too much ambition with TXT, is Big Hit “playing with fire”?

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