Sunmi, “I’m born skinny… Why? My body doesn’t absorb nutrients well” (Entertainment Weekly)

Sunmi ranked 8th on the list of “Stars who don’t gain weight even if they eat a lot” revealed through “Entertainment Weekly”.

The August 11th broadcast of KBS2’s program “Entertainment Weekly” introduced the chart of stars who make people want to diet because they don’t gain weight no matter how much they eat.

Sunmi was named in 8th place. It is known that Sunmi eats a lot of late-night snacks and her favorite food to gain weight. Sunmi couldn’t help laughing when she said, “It runs in my family. I’m not the only one who looks thin, my family members are all skinny. Everything comes out immediately after I eat. My body doesn’t absorb nutrients well”.

Tei, the owner of a restaurant, ranked 7th on the list with his unique appetite. “Big eater” Tei surprised everyone as he said, “I’ve never had to think mục when choosing food. My family members are all big eaters. My younger brother eats as much as I do”. He added, “I usually eat 4-5 packs of ramen. When I was really hungry, I boiled 4 packs of ramen three times and ate up to 12 packs”.

Lee Jong-seok came in 4th place as a star who doesn’t get fat even if he eats a lot. The actor shared, “I eat well. I often get jjajangmyeon for two people delivered”. He added, “I have a very thin and slender body build. Since my skin is white, I really look like a cotton swab”, mentioning his physique.

3rd place went to Kim Woo-bin. The actor once revealed that he didn’t gain weight. He shared, “I was very skinny during my school days. That’s why I tried to eat more”. Revealing that his wide shoulders were built thanks to Yang Chi-seung fitness trainer, Kim Woo-bin said, “ My shoulders have widened little by little since I met fitness trainer Yang Chi-seung.”

Kim Sung-ryeong ranked 2nd on the list. She explained, “I really liked eating. I can’t hold myself back when food is in front of my eyes. I don’t like leaving food”. She was seen eating snacks just before a shoot. As for the reason why Kim Sung-ryeong doesn’t gain weight, the actress said, “I eat and exercise a lot”.

The long-awaited No.1 went to Choi Woo-sik. Choi Woo-sik, who has a good appetite unlike his skinny body, likes pizza the most. He once surprised everyone by confessing, “I think I always have to eat pizza at least once a week”. 

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