Krystal, “I said ‘I want to film We Got Married with Kim Jae-wook’ in an interview 10 years ago. I was really embarrassed”

Krystal (Jung Soo-jung), who stars in KBS2’s new Monday-Tuesday drama “Crazy Love”, shared a behind story of her remark about Kim Jae-wook in an interview 10 years ago.

On March 7th, the online press conference was held to celebrate the broadcast of KBS2’s new Monday-Tuesday drama “Crazy Love”. Director Kim Jung-hyun, who was confirmed to have Covid-19 and was absent from the press conference, answered the questions in a writing. 

Kim Jae-wook said, “The news of Jung Soo-jung getting cast for the drama surprised me. She has the “Ice Princess” image, isn’t she? The character Lee Shin-ah doesn’t have that image. It was new to me. In my perspective as an actor, she was a friend whom I was curious about. I didn’t worry about her acting because I already watched her performance in the work called ‘Sweet & Sour’”. Meanwhile, Jung Soo-jung said, “My first impression was that he had the “‘Kim Jae-wook’ vibe that I had seen on the TV. A cold handsome man. Kim Jae-wook has his own aura. But the fact that he laughs a lot was a big twist. He tends to smile brightly and even shows all his teeth. I didn’t expect that. Our chemistry was good from the beginning”, making the viewers look forward to their “100 points” chemistry.

Kim Jae-wook-Jung Su-jeong-Crazy Love

In addition, Jung Soo-jung’s remark in an interview 10 years ago, which was “I want to film ‘We Got Married’ with Kim Jae-wook”, was mentioned.

Jung Soo-jung revealed, “I was 17 at the time. I was asked a related question because a f(x) member was filming ‘We Got Married’. I replied, ‘I’m a minor, so I’m not married. But Kim Jae-wook is cool.’ However, an article titled ‘Krystal wants to film ‘We Got Married’ with Kim Jae-wook’ came out. I was embarrassed at first, but I forgot about it for 10 years.”

Kim Jae-wook added laughter by saying, “It was fun. At that time, I was also asked to send a video letter to Jung Soo-jung. Isn’t 17 the age when your ideal type changes several times? I wondered ‘Krystal’s ideal type is me?'”

Crazy Love” (written by Kim Bo-gyeom, directed by Kim Jung-hyun) tells the love story of Noh Go-jin (Kim Jae-wook), the CEO of GOTOP which is South Korea top math institute, pretending to have amnesia after receiving death threats, and Lee Shin-ah (Jung Soo-jung), Go-jin‘s introvert and quiet secretary, who doesn’t have much time left. Shin-ah later pretends to be the fiance of Go-jin knowing he has amnesia. In addition, Oh Se-gi (Ha Jun), the official handsome deputy representative of GOTOP, will join forces to form various relationships and enrich the work.

Crazy Love” will premiere at 9:30 PM today (March 7th).

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