The first-generation idol who pushed a stroller at the shopping mall… He sweated in a “super nervous” state

There is a first-generation idol who sweated a lot while pushing a baby carriage in the shopping mall.

He is actor Oh Jong-hyuk, a member of the group Click-B.

On Oct 16th, Oh Jong-hyuk posted several photos on his Instagram with the caption “My first outing with Ttobok. I looked relaxed but was very nervous.”

Oh Jong-hyuk

The photos showed Oh Jong-hyuk, who went to the shopping mall with his daughter for the first time.

Covering his face with a hat and mask, he caught the eye by showing a nervous expression just in case his daughter might be surprised.

He also made viewers happy by revealing the aspect of a novice father walking slowly in case his sleeping daughter might wake up. A feeling of comfort is felt on the face of the daughter who fell asleep thanks to her father’s consideration.

Oh Jong-hyuk said, “I pushed a thing called the stroller world’s Mercedes-Benz and stirred the shopping mall. I said I would push it because it would be difficult for my wife, but in fact it’s easy for my wife to do with one hand.”

Oh Jong-hyuk

Netizens responded, “You’re a wonderful father”, “You must’ve been nervous about going out with your daughter for the first time. Your daughter is so pretty”, “You did it well”, “You’re great, you’re the best”, “Your daughter is so cute”…

Oh Jong-hyuk

Oh Jong-hyuk married Park Hye-soo, known as an individual entrepreneur, in April last year. Afterwards, the two attracted attention by appearing on TV Chosun’s entertainment show “Wakanam” and revealing their married life.

Oh Jong-hyuk

Oh Jong-hyuk received congratulations from many people when he announced the birth of his daughter in July.

Source: wikitree

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