Actress Jeon Hye-jin, not Lee Sun-kyun’s wife “Outpouring of support within the industry”

It’s time to see Jeon Hye-jin not as Lee Sun-kyun’s wife but as an actress

Everyone, especially celebrities, cannot be free from family issues, but there is growing concern and sadness about whether Jeon Hye-jin‘s career as an actress, which she has built through her own efforts, will be affected.

Amidst the ongoing police investigation and speculative articles regarding actor Lee Sun-kyun‘s alleged drug involvement, his wife Jeon Hye-jin’s name has also been in the spotlight. Unfortunately, due to her status as his wife, she is unavoidably associated with these negative issues.

Jeon Hye-jin

However, within the industry, there is a collective sigh of regret. Jeon Hye-jin is like a treasure in the world of dramas and films, plagued by a shortage of talented actresses who can cover a wide spectrum of roles. Her exceptional acting skills and charm have allowed her to be a shining star in the drama and film industry.

Having consistently made a name for herself in various works like “I’m Sorry, I Love You”, “Obsessed”, “The Terror Live”, “The Throne”, “The Merciless”, “Search: WWW”, “Ashfall” and “Stranger 2”, Jeon Hye-jin has established her presence as an actress over the years. Recently, she received critical acclaim and gained attention with the drama “Not Others”.

Jeon Hye-jin opened up a new chapter in her acting career with the role of Kim Eun-mi, a physical therapist and a single mother who had her daughter when she was in high school, in ENA’s Monday-Tuesday drama “Not Others”. Her ability to vividly portray deep emotions and her captivating acting charisma extended the spectrum of her roles.

Jeon Hye-jin

The high praise and viewer ratings for “Not Others” in the broadcasting industry were almost miraculous, and it is believed that this could not have been achieved without Jeon Hye-jin. Her remarkable presence and compelling acting, like putting on her own clothes, were at the center of this success.

Although she had previously experienced steady growth through various works, with her most recent project, Jeon Hye-jin undoubtedly showcased her presence. She has now become an actress who arouses public curiosity about her future and next step.

Given her husband’s scandal, there is speculation that her activities may be constrained or affected. Fortunately, it is reported that the current atmosphere within the industry is focused on Jeon Hye-jin as an actress, rather than as Lee Sun-kyun’s wife. There is an outpouring of support with the hope that the value of this talented actress remains undiminished.

Source: Daum

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