Kim Yoo-jung, drunk close-up scene… “I actually drank” (20th Century Girl)

Actress Kim Yoo-jung revealed the secret behind her drinking scene in “20th Century Girl”.

Recently, a video titled “Who confessed to liking Kim Yoo-jung? 20th Century Girl Commentary” was uploaded on Netflix Korea’s official YouTube channel.

In the video, actors Kim Yoo Jung, Byun Woo Seok, Park Jung Woo, and Noh Yoon Seo, who are the main characters of the Netflix movie “20th Century Girl,” and director Bang-woo appeared together. The four actors and director Bang shared behind-the-scenes talks, ranging from props used in the 90s to the meaning of the camera and the plum tree in the movie.

When the school trip scene in the movie was played, Kim Yoo-jung confessed, “If you look closely, my ears are really red.” When Byeon Woo-seok said “According to a rumor I heard…”, Kim Yoo-jung jokingly responded, “Don’t talk about the rumor.”

20th century girl

Afterwards, when Kim Yoo-jung laughingly said “I actually drank”, director Bang praised, “That’s why it looked real.” Roh Yoon-seo also admired, “I love this scene.”

As Kim Yoo-jung and Byeon Woo-seok’s close-up scene appeared, admiration continued once again. Kim Yoo-jung said, “The cameraman tried so hard to make it look nice.” Byeon Woo-seok caused laughter by telling Kim Yoo-jung, “I had to split my legs to match your height.”

Director Bang explained, “I wanted it to be dreamlike. Bo-ra (Kim Yoo-jung) is drunk and a bit out of it, so I wanted this scene to be made to look like a dream. And the windows had to be opaque to show the teacher walking by. That would give tension and make their secret more interesting.”

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When Byeon Woo-seok confessed “My heart was pounding at the time”, the actors and director Bang laughingly asked, “Why were you so nervous?”

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