The Enchanting Moments of BLACKPINK’s Jennie

A video of Jennie, which is widely shared on social media, has caused a stir in recent time

A South Korean online forum shared a video filmed by a fan of Jennie during the conclusion of BLACKPINK’s “Born Pink” world tour concert in Seoul on September 17th. The post drew attention with the title: “Wow, Jennie Can Truly Enchant People.”

In the video, Jennie is performing her part in the hit song “Whistle.” The female idol is wearing a sparkling silver short dress, completely immersing herself in the song’s melody.

The video quickly went viral and spread widely. Many people considered it one of Jennie’s most enchanting moments on stage. She captivated everyone with everything she has, from her appearance, figure, facial expressions, to her body movements.

One comment received many likes from other netizens: “To be honest, she may not fit the traditional Korean beauty standards, but her allure and charisma are undeniable. To the point where, in essence, she has redefined beauty standards. I’m not saying she’s not beautiful; it’s just that she’s beautiful enough to make some beauty standards invisible.”

Many others agreed with the idea that “Jennie was born to be an idol” and that she, as a female idol, has set a new beauty standard, unlike the majority.

“She embodies the song ‘Pretty Savage’,” “How can one be so provocative?”, “I love everything she does,” “Jennie is Jennie,” “Jennie is the definition of being born to be famous,” “You can’t deny the reason for her fame”…

Since her debut with BLACKPINK in 2016, Jennie’s beauty has sparked considerable debate.

According to the majority of Korean viewers, the ideal beauty is characterized by a petite face, a V-line jaw, large round eyes, innocence, and pureness in personality.

In contrast, Jennie has a round “mandu” cheeks, unique sharp eyes, not overly fair skin, and an elegant and unapproachable demeanor.

She has also been noted for her rebellious personality. She dares to pursue a bold style, is unafraid of openly discussing her romantic relationships, and has even taken roles in R-rated drama.

According to some, Jennie lives instinctively and freely, unburdened by conventional norms. This makes some people dislike her, but at the same time, they can’t help but be drawn to her.

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