The changing itinerary of Jihyo (TWICE) from ‘SIXTEEN’ to the present time

It was also the time when Jihyo had to hear the words that hurt her from the people who worked with her.

Now when it comes to Jihyo (TWICE), Kpop fans will immediately think of an idol with an admirable career as the leader and main vocalist of one of the most successful girl groups in Kpop history.  However, not everyone remembers that in order to get to this day, Jihyo had to go through a difficult journey when she had to receive a lot of criticism from the audience and the people who worked with her.

After 10 years as a trainee, Jihyo joined the show “SIXTEEN” in 2015 to try to win her debut opportunity.  Here, the issue of appearance became a big obstacle for Jihyo.  The staff thought she was chubby and ugly than the other members, so she hid behind the other members during the shooting competition.  And then, she was even disparaged by the photographer by saying, “In this photo Jihyo looks so fat, what are you going to do?”.

Jihyo herself said in an interview that she didn’t want to appear in the promotional photos and felt very embarrassed.  Not stopping there, in the competition between Tzuyu and Jihyo, Park Jin Young said that he preferred Jihyo’s photo, but the other judges chose Tzuyu because Jihyo was chubby.

During a group mission, Park Jin Young frankly remarked that Jihyo looked heavy while dancing. Even after debuting, Jihyo has been criticized many times for her appearance (such as the “weightlifting athlete” incident).  And since then, she has relentlessly tried and successfully dieted, not only making fans proud but also making those who once disparaged now have to look at her with a different eye.

After all, what makes Korean netizens respect Jihyo is because her mental strength is really powerful and amazing.  The leader of TWICE always started over again whenever others said it was impossible, like a touching moment in “SIXTEEN” that a lot of people admire Jihyo.

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