The actress selected by Song Joong Ki as his ideal type when he was a rookie 

The female celebrity that was Song Joong Ki’s pick during the early days of his debut is? 

When he was still a rookie actor in the entertainment industry, Song Joong Ki revealed actress Hong Eun Hee was his ideal type. 

Hong Eun Hee made her debut in 1998 and started out as an airline model. She has been starring in various dramas over the years. Her latest role was in SBS’s Monday-Tuesday drama “Woori The Virgin”, which ended recently. 

Hong Eun-hee

At the 2012 KBS Drama Awards, Song Joong Ki expressed his love as a fan for Hong Eun Hee. When asked if it was true that he picked Hong Eun Hee as his ideal type, Song Joong Ki said sorry to Hong Eun Hee’s husband, actor Yoo Jun Sang, and shyly confessed, “I’m sorry, Yoo Jun Sang sunbaenim. But it’s true.” When asked, “How do you feel about living with Song Joong Ki’s type?”, Yoo Jun Sang said, “I feel grateful to Song Joong Ki.”

On MBC’s “Women Change the World – Wonder Woman”, Hong Eun Hee made a surprise phone call with Song Joong Ki. She asked him, “I heard that you picked me as your ideal type. Is that right?” Song Joong Ki said, “This is a bit embarrassing, but yes.” 

Hong Eun Hee expressed her gratitude, saying, “Thank you, Joong Ki. But an ideal type is just an ideal type, so hurry up and meet a good person.” Song Joong Ki responded, “Yes. I’ve always felt sorry towards Yoo Jun Sang sunbaenim,” making everyone laugh.

Hong Eun-hee

Meanwhile, Hong Eun Hee married Yoo Jun Sang in 2003 and they have two sons together. Last year, Hong Eun Hee starred in KBS’s weekend drama “Revolutionary Sisters” and won viewers’ hearts for her acting. She took home the Excellence Award for an actress in a serial drama at the 2021 KBS Drama Awards.

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