The first still cut of Lee Min Ho and his son in “Pachinko” grabs attention 

Turns out the son of Han Su (Lee Min Ho) in “Pachinko” is played by this familiar child actor. 

Lee Min Ho‘s next project after “The King: Eternal Monarch”, “Pachinko” is attracting much attention from global viewers thanks to its compelling storyline and talented cast. In the latest episode, Sun Ja (Kim Min Ha) becomes pregnant a few months after she and Han Su (Lee Min Ho) meet in secret and make love. Han Su then reveals that he is already married, so he intends to keep Sun Ja as his mistress and provide for her and their child.


The first still cut of Noa, the son of Sun Ja and Han Su, which seems to be taken on set, was recently revealed. In the photo, Han Su and his cute little son walk side by side on the street. The two seem quite distant as Han Su coldly put his hands in his pockets, while Noa is looking at his father. 

Noa is played by child actor Park Jae Joon. He was born in 2014 and made his acting debut in 2007. Since then, Park Jae Joon has become familiar with the audience thanks to his appearance as minor supporting characters in popular dramas such as “Hi Bye Mama”, “Oh My Baby”, “Hospital Playlist 2” and “Thirty Nine”. 

It is still uncertain when Park Jae Joon‘s character will appear in “Pachinko”, or what his personality will be like, but viewers are already looking forward to the scenes of Lee Min Ho and his son. “Pachinko” also marks Lee Min Ho first time playing a father in his acting career. 

Some viewers’ comments:

  • The kid looks so cute!
  • I’m excited to see Lee Min Ho as a father on the screen for the first time
  • Lee Min Ho plays a character who has a son now? Time flies. 
  • Noa must be so adorable. I’m looking forward to his scenes. 

In “Pachinko”, Lee Min Ho plays Han Su, a powerful, Japanese-allied Korean businessman with a mysterious background who, despite having a wife and kids, still gets tangled in a clandestine affair with the daughter of a poor Korean immigrant family, Sun Ja (Kim Min Ha). “Pachinko” is based on the best-selling novel of the same name by Korean-American writer Lee Min Jin, telling the story of four generations of a Korean family living in Japan during World War II, where they have to face many prejudices, experience love and separation, but still do not give up their hopes and dreams.

With 8 episodes in total, “Pachinko” airs every Friday on Apple TV+.

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