“Tell Me That You Love Me” Lead Actress Revealed Her One-Month Experience On Jeju Island

Actress Shin Hyun-bin revealed her recent daily life in Jeju Island.

Shin Hyun-bin, who is showing the acting skills as the main character Jung-eun in Genie TV’s original “Tell Me That You Love Me,” drew attention from fans after revealing her daily life Jeju Island in a vlog.

Since the 22nd of last month, Shin Hyun-bin’s Jeju Vlog videos have been released once a week on the official channel of her agency, Yooborn Company. These videos show Shin Hyun-bin’s daily life on Jeju, including her first day on the island, the filming site of her drama and her holidays.

In the recently released video, Shin Hyun-bin revealed her own behind-the-scenes story for the first filming of “Tell Me That You Love Me.” Her professionalism when checking the script and daily schedule once again after each shooting drew admiration.

Shin Hyun-bin’s honest and positive side stood out in other parts of the video. The actress introduced her accommodation and unveiled her bedroom, closet, and pantry full of home training tools. She showed her friendly charm as she spent a pleasant time with the staff even during a short break between filming.

Meanwhile, fans are also enthusiastically showing their love to the vlog.

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