“Teenage version of ‘Single’s Inferno’?” A dating reality show featuring Gen Z is coming out

PD Kim Jae Won, who planned “Single’s Inferno”, will return with the youth show “Nineteen to Twenty”.

“Nineteen to Twenty” is a youth reality show that records the special growth moments of Generation Z, who are still clumsy and fresh, between the last week of 19 and the first week of 20.

Nineteen to Twenty

The show captures the growth and freedom of young 19-year-olds as they turn 20. PD Kim Jae Won of Netflix’s dating program “Single’s Inferno” will be in charge of directing, while Super Junior Kyuhyun, talent Kim Ji Eun, AKMU Lee Su Hyun and Jung Se Woon will serve as MCs.

Prior to the first broadcast, PD Kim attended the press conference of “Nineteen to Twenty” on July 6th and introduced the work.

Nineteen to Twenty

PD Kim said, “This is a story of people born in 2004. They don’t turn 20 at the same time now, but since the show was planned before the introduction of international age, it’s more meaningful as it’ll be the last record of turning 20 together.”

PD Park Soo Ji encouraged expectations, “It’s a culture unique to Korea to grow one year older in the new year, but anyone in the world must have experienced the excitement of going from 19 to 20. Love and friendship are stories that everyone can relate to, so any viewer in the world will be able to sympathize and watch it.”

Nineteen to Twenty

PD Kim Jae Won directed “Single’s Inferno”, which gained popularity until season 2. While “Single’s Inferno” increased viewers’ immersion level as an honest and hot dating reality show, “Nineteen to Twenty” seems to stimulate the excitement point with the fresh emotions of the participants who have just become adults. Therefore, some even wondered, “Isn’t it a teenage version of ‘Single’s Inferno’?

However, PD Kim said that it gives a completely different feeling from “Single’s Inferno”. He talked about the difference, “The starting point of ‘Nineteen to Twenty’ was ‘Single’s Inferno’, but I did it like now because I wanted to do something completely opposite in all aspects. If ‘Single’s Inferno’ is a dating show for hot and experienced adults, ‘Nineteen to Twenty’ is a growth show for clumsy and fresh friends.”

Nineteen to Twenty

Since “Nineteen to Twenty” features ordinary people, management and verification were necessary to prevent controversy in advance. In this regard, PD Kim said, “We carefully checked the participants’ student records within the personal information protection line. We also asked their acquaintances what kind of friends they are and talked closely to them.”

He added, “We’ll continue to manage the cast so that they can receive advice and treatment mentally at any time.

Meanwhile, “Nineteen to Twenty” will be released on Netflix on July 11th.

Source: Insight

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