This rookie actor felt motherly love after receiving ‘eye cream’ as a gift from actress Kim Hye Soo

Young actor Yoo Seon Ho expressed his gratitude towards senior actress Kim Hye Soo, who worked with him in “Under the Queen’s Umbrella”.

Yoo Seon Ho is a new actor who played Grand Prince Gye Seong in the popular drama “Under the Queen’s Umbrella”. He recently joined the cast of “2 Days & 1 Night” and is focusing on entertainment activities.

Yoo Seon-ho

Regarding his effort to portray Grand Prince Gye Seong, a man dressed up as a woman, in “Under the Queen’s Umbrella”, Yoo Seon Ho said he had to quit his favorite hobby, which is exercising, in order to lose muscles. During the drama’s broadcasting period, his image when dressing up as a woman became a hot topic because he looked even prettier than actresses. 

Revealing that he bought things he did not often use, such as skin lotion, moisturizing cream, etc., to prepare for the role, Yoo Seon Ho said, “Actress Kim Hye Soo, who appears in the drama as my mother, gave me eye cream as a gift”.

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In “Under the Queen’s Umbrella”, Kim Hye Soo plays Queen Hwa Ryeong, a mother who accepts her son’s identity as it is with her warm and generous heart. 

Yoo Seon Ho confessed that he felt motherly love from Kim Hye Soo even when they were on or off the camera. 

Kim Hye Soo

In addition, Yoo Seon Ho, who was able to immerse himself in acting even more thanks to Kim Hye Soo’s help, shared, “I couldn’t stop myself from bursting into tears in various scenes”, adding “I learned many things about the right attitude when acting from actress Kim Hye Soo, who is even older than my real mother”.

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Emerging as a popular actor, Yoo Seon Ho immediately announced his next move. He recently confirmed his appearance in director Hwang Dong Seok’s new film “Oh, well done!”. This is an academic action film that tells about a boy, who ranks the lowest, suddenly getting the power of money in his hands and running forward without hesitation. Yoo Seon Ho will play the main character Kang Jin, who rises from the bottom place to the top. 

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Many viewers are looking forward to seeing how Yoo Seon Ho, who was guided by Kim Hye Soo, will grow through his new acting project.

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Source: Daum

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