IU’s dress fitting for Cannes has been revealed

The scene of IU choosing what to wear at the 75th Cannes International Film Festival has been revealed.

On the 1st, on IU’s YouTube channel ‘이지금‘, a video was uploaded with the title, ‘Welcome to dress fitting for the first time?’

In the video, IU said, “I came to the office of our stylists. The reason is they are filming dress fitting for Cannes”. She continued, “I’ve never filmed dress fitting in the 10 years of my career.”

She continued: “We want to share them with UAENA. I’ve never done fitting before… It’s my first time so I feel a bit awkward but I will show you guys”


Then IU appeared in her first dress, followed by cheers and applause from the staff. IU said, “No, I’ll be trying on a lot of dresses today. It’ll be hard for you to clap like that every time. I’m planning to try on about 300 dresses,” she shyly joked.


The first dress was a black dress with exposed shoulders. IU explained, “Then we would add on makeup with some jewelry, and I can tie my hair. Do this and that.” She added, “I think it’s a bit heavy. It’s pretty. But to wear this at Festival de Cannes and go around and greet people and watch movies. I think it might be a bit heavy. But it’s easy to wear.”

The second dress was a sparkling white dress. IU said to her staff, “What do you think? Give me your opinions”, but the staff continued to be silent. Then she said, “Hello. There are so many people here. Why is no one talking?”, making everyone laugh.


IU shared her thoughts on the shiny dress, saying, “If I wear this, I have to move a lot.” She also said, “What kind of hairstyle would we do for this one? I can tie it up,” adding, “I don’t want to do extensions. I’ll just keep my length. Either tie it up or blow dry it down. Because if I go it’ll be hard for the staff to fix it up for me on the scene.” The staff asked, “Can you turn around once?” IU turned around and confirmed that it was a backless dress with a hollow back. IU said, “It was this open in the back?”

IU, who later wore a third dress, said, “I like this one the best so far. The color is so pretty.” The third dress was actually worn by her at the Cannes Film Festival. The caption explained that it was an elegant moss color dress, and IU said, “The color is so pretty. This one depends on how we style it. I can pull this up like this or pull it down”


The fourth dress was a seductive purple long dress. IU said with a smile, “I would clean all the
floors of Festival de Cannes.”
The staff flapped dresses and played around, and IU said, “I would need a lot of confidence and would really need to be bold but maybe so, since I’ve never met these people before I would feel less embarrassed than in Korea,” she said.


The fifth dress was an elegant mermaid dress. IU said, “I’m tired now,” and “I tried on everything now.” IU then made her own choice, saying: “My pick is… the moss-colored dress. I seriously love the color”. And which one do the stylists pick? “The moss color one for me too” – said the stylist.


IU said, “A really pretty dress is coming tomorrow. So I’ll try that one on and I will probably pick between
that one and the moss one”
In fact, IU wore both of the dresses she thought about at the 75th Cannes International Film Festival. The video ended with IU saying, “What kind of dress will IU decide to wear in Cannes?

Source: Nate

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