BLACKPINK Lisa’s 19+ cabaret show “Silent communication is the problem”

The recent “obscenity controversy” surrounding BLACKPINK’s Lisa should not be hastily criticized. However, there are suggestions that more explanations are needed regarding the “background of appearing on stage” as it could be misinterpreted as “I will do whatever I want”

Lisa recently garnered attention for her performance on the stage of “Crazy Horse”, considered one of Paris’s top three cabarets. Crazy Horse is one of the top three cabarets in Paris, along with Moulin Rouge and Lido. Cabarets are adult entertainment establishments known for various performances, along with offering drinks and food.

In particular, Crazy Horse is known for its female dancers’ provocative exposure and daring performances. The standards, such as measuring the height, chest, waist and hips of female dancers, are high.

Crazy Horse has also earned a reputation as a traditional show even in France. However, opinions about the excessive exposure of female dancers’ costumes and provocative art nude show performances are divided between art and obscenity. In 2015, a performance of Crazy Horse in Korea was rated as “Restricted to those under 19” due to its high level of exposure.

As a result, there were concerns about the impact on young people. Lisa’s performance took place from Sep 28th to Sep 30th. According to reviews, Lisa presented a daring performance. She did not deviate significantly from the purpose of the show as she took off her shirt, wore a bikini…

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Contrary to initial concerns, it is now argued that this falls within the realm of “freedom of expression” that artists can exercise. The show was already known for its high level of exposure, and people who paid admission fees expected to see such scenes, so it is inappropriate to discuss controversies such as “obscene performance”. The problem lies in the fact that fans do not empathize with why Lisa appeared on that show as a BLACKPINK member. The director of Crazy Horse explained in an interview that Lisa was actively involved in the overall planning of the performance and shared various opinions.

This is also the difference between Lisa and Hwasa, who was recently embroiled in controversy over indecent performance. Lisa opted for a more “predictable” exposure expression. Hwasa’s performance targeted an unspecified audience. This is why she was accused of “indecent acts”. However, the legal responsibility was removed for now. Recently, the Seoul Seongdong Police Station announced that they had decided not to prosecute Hwasa for the charge of obscenity. The police explained, “We summoned Hwasa as the accused party and investigated the performance content and the process comprehensively, but it is difficult to acknowledge the criminal charge based on the statements of those involved.”

Despite the police’s stance, the group that accused Hwasa plans to appeal the decision. Hwasa appeared on a YouTube channel before the police announced the non-indictment and talked about that time, “The hate comments were really too much. I felt like tears were falling like a waterfall.

Obscenity controversies are a double-edged sword for entertainers who incorporate a sexy concept. If handled appropriately, they can become icons of sexiness, but if they cross the line, they can be branded as obscene. Even the perception of that line varies from person to person. However, whenever controversy arises, those involved should communicate with their fans about why they participated in a particular performance or what they were trying to express. It is a fundamental virtue for entertainers who make a living from the love of the public.

Source: Naver

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