Taylor Swift Fell Victim to Explicit AI Images, Microsoft to Investigate 

Recently, various explicit AI images featuring Taylor Swift’s face have been circulating on various social media platforms. The synthesized images, showing the singer-actress in various suggestive poses and even implied the act of g*ng r*pe, have undoubtedly caused unrepairable harm and distress.

It is known damage caused by AI technology deepfake is affecting not only Taylor Swift but also numerous celebrities worldwide. Reportedly, Taylor Swift’s AI images were shared through the SNS platform X (formerly known as Twitter), and although the original posts are currently suspended, they were known to have garnered over 47 million views before removal.

taylor swift

In response, X released a statement, saying that they actively deleted all images and are taking appropriate measures against the accounts that posted those images. The platform is also closely monitoring the situation to promptly address any additional violations.

Furthermore, during a U.S. talk show, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, when asked about Taylor Swift’s deepfake images, expressed that he found them “alarming and terrible.” 

He also stated that it’s necessary to move quickly and take action to fight against the AI technology deepfakes, adding that he believes everyone will benefit when the online world is a safe world. 

On the other hand, claims have been made that Taylor Swift’s deepfake images were created using Microsoft’s AI creation tool called “Designer.” Microsoft is reportedly investigating the incident.

Source: Naver, The Verge, BBC

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