Mina (Twice) looks stunning in magazine photos

Many netizens believe Mina has the potential to become a high-end brand’s advertising face and a viable opponent to BLACKPINK.

Mina (Twice) has just done the first solo magazine photoshoot in her career for Harper’s Bazaar.  The female idol of JYP looks like a “Black Swan” with a mysterious, keen beauty.  She is like a luxurious, powerful “evil girl” coming out of Korean movies. Netizens believe that Mina is the Twice member with the best fashion sensibility based on only three teaser photos. She is believed to be the Twice member with the best solo magazine photoshoot, outperforming prior members like Na Yeon, Momo, and Sana.

Mina exudes opulence, as if she were a distinguished lady. Her frigid, haughty eyes and flawless face are ideal for a beauty magazine. If JYP wants to compete with Black Pink, fans think that they should focus on promoting Mina in the fashion section.

Mina’s high-class aura was also lauded by netizens, revealing that she is Twice’s most potential member. Even in the first set of images, Mina is not inferior to the Black Pink members in terms of skills. If JYP continues to push her individual activities, many high-end brands will pay attention to Mina. 

Some comments: “Mina is the prettiest and most luxurious in Twice”; “This group has Jeong Yeon and Mina who are suitable for their fashion resources, the rest are a bit dumb”; “This is the only member of Twice can compete with Black Pink in terms of fashion”; “I hope Mina will appear in more magazines, her chic aura suits high-end brands”…

Both are top Kpop groups, Black Pink is a Brand Ambassador for world-class brands, constantly appearing on major magazine covers but netizens constanly bash on Twice.  The JYP girl group is mocked for not having a fashion temperament, far inferior to Black Pink.  Fans always expect the company to find the right direction to promote Twice in the fashion field. Thereby, they can compete with the rival from YG.

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