T-ARA Hyo-min and soccer player Hwang Ui-jo parted ways 2 months after revealing their relationship 

Hyo-min (Park Seon-young), a member of T-ARA, and soccer player Hwang Ui-jo have reportedly broken up. 

It has only been about two months since rumors of their romantic relationship erupted. Hyo-min delivered the news through her official position on Mar 8th (today). Hyo-min said, “We met each other with good feelings at the time, but we naturally became estranged due to the burdensome situation,” adding, “We are still cheering for each other.”

Hyomin break up with Hwang Ui-jo

Hyo-min was embroiled in rumors of a romantic relationship with Hwang Ui-jo in January. At that time, the two has reportedly been in their long-distance relationship for three months since November last year. At the same time, a photo collection was released showing them enjoying their year-end trip to Switzerland.

Hyomin break up with Hwang Ui-jo

Hyo-min debuted as a member of T-ARA in 2009. Her exclusive contract with her agency expired in May last year, and in November of the same year, she released a T-ARA comeback album with her members Ji-yeon, Eun-jung and Qri.

Hwang Ui-jo made his professional debut in Seongnam in the K League in 2013. He is currently playing as a key striker for Girondins Bordeaux in the French professional football league 1.

Below is the full version of Hyo-min’s official position:

Hello, I’m Hyo-min.

I would like to express my position regarding a dating article reported in January.

At that time, we were in a process of going out with each other with good feelings, but due to the burden, we naturally became estranged and now we have decided to support each other.

Thank you.

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