A celeb who was embroiled in a school violence controversy and went silent, recently announced his current situation

Actor Kim Dong-hee delivered his recent status through a statement regarding his school violence controversy in Feb.   

DW Partners, Kim Dong-hee‘s legal representative, said in an official position on Dec 28th, “For a long time, Kim Dong-hee has been trying to find out whether the ‘school violence’ accusation towards him posted online in February is true or not through law enforcement agencies.”

“In the process, Kim Dong-hee’s complainant statements, statements from his teachers and alumni, and copies of his elementary and secondary school life records were submitted. The investigation has declared them cleared of any accusation because there was no clear evidence to support each other’s differences and claims,” they continued.

Kim Dong-hee school violence controversy

“The results of the investigation (which declared the person who raised the suspicion of school violence innocent) did not mean that the allegations raised were true. In particular, Kim Dong-hee himself wanted to correct the allegations that he bullied his friend with disabilities. There were two disabled people in the immediate family who lived together with him, and false information about the disabled was too painful and hurtful not only for himself but also for the disabled family because he has tried to protect and embrace the pain and wounds of the family ever since his childhood.”

Kim Dong-hee school violence controversy

“There were times when Kim Dong-hee was lost when he was young, but he did not do anything that would be a social stir,” the law firm said, “He realized that there were some people who would have been hurt by his immature words and actions and has had time to look back deeply on himself. He will continue to try to be a better person in the future.”

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