T-Ara Hyomin’s powerful rumored and confirmed boyfriends: From Chinese chaebol to famous athletes

T-Ara’s Hyomin is involved in relationships with men with impressive backgrounds. 

Today (January 3), the Korean entertainment industry is taken by storm with the dating news of T-Ara’s Hyomin (T-Ara) and famous soccer player Hwang Ui Jo. Dispatch has released photos of the two traveling together in Switzerland. The couple has also confirmed their relationship.

T-Ara Hyomin boyfriends

Meanwhile, netizens are busy “digging up” the list of Hyomin’s rumored and confirmed boyfriends, consisting of powerful and famous figures.

1. Baseball player Kang Jung Ho

In March 2016, Hyomin was reported to be dating famous baseball player of the Pittsburgh Pirates – Kang Jung Ho.  The two have reportedly been dating since late 2015 through a mutual friend’s introduction. Hyomin accepted an invitation from her rumored boyfriend to throw the opening ball for the Pittsburgh Pirate team. She traveled from Korea to the US to do this.

T-Ara Hyomin boyfriends
T-Ara Hyomin boyfriends
Photos of Hyomin and Jung Ho caused a storm on SNS 

The source even reported that at first, the two only considered each other as brother and sister. Later, they developed romantic feelings for one another, and Hyomin often texted Kang Jung Ho to cheer him on.

However, after the rumor broke out, Jung Ho’s rep denied the information, and Hyomin’s agency confirmed that the two did not meet again after the opening pitch. Hyomin once sent a text message when she found out that Jung Ho was injured, but they are only friends. 

2. CEO of a media company

In January 2018, Kbiz was once again feverish with the news that Hyomin was in love with the CEO of a media company. The couple began to meet and develop feelings for each other in 2017, giving a lot of attention and support to each other. Hyomin as well as her powerful boyfriend’s families were also very supportive of the relationship. The T-Ara member even thought about getting married.

T-Ara Hyomin boyfriends

What’s more, when the reporters contacted MBK Entertainment, they replied vaguely that Hyomin was not under the company anymore and they knew nothing about her personal relationships.

It was not until January 2019 that Hyomin responded to this love scandal, “We’re not dating. The person I got into a dating rumor with was someone I knew through a meeting with friends. At that time, my contract with MBK Entertainment expired, so I couldn’t express my thoughts clearly.”

3. China’s richest young master Wang Sicong

One of Hyomin’s most famous rumored lovers is Wang Sicong – a Chinese businessman and the only son of Chinese tycoon Wang Jianlin. Rumors began in January 2018 when it was reported that the popular female singer was dating Wang Sicong. Initially, Wang signed a contract of 9 billion won between his own company and T-Ara for the group to work in China. He also gave each member a luxury car. This made everyone question whether Hyomin and Wang Sicong were dating.

T-Ara Hyomin boyfriends

However, it was not until August 2019 that Hyomin responded to the information on a TV show. She shared, “We did have a contract, but our group didn’t receive 9 billion won or supercars.”

T-Ara Hyomin boyfriends

Besides, she added, “My friend works at a car dealership, and they wanted to do promotions with a celebrity. They gave me the car for six months to promote it. That’s how the rumor started that my boyfriend had gifted it to me.”

T-Ara Hyomin boyfriends

4. Soccer payer Hwang Ui Jo

This morning (January 3),  Sports Chosun reported that Hyomin and soccer player Hwang Ui are in a relationship. Dispatch then released a photo of Hyomin and Hwang Ui Jo being caught dating in Switzerland. This is the first time this T-ara member has been caught dating by paparazzi. The source added that the two started their love story in November 2021.

T-Ara Hyomin boyfriends

Hwang Ui Jo was born in 1992, 3 years younger than Hyomin, currently plays for Girondins de Bordeaux club (France). In 2018, he was also included in the top 10 most handsome ASIAD players and the top scorers at the Tokyo Olympics 2020. Ui Jo owns a masculine face and cute one-lidded eyes. He became famous after the ASIAD 2018 and was called the “secret weapon” of the Korean team thanks to his great performance at this tournament.

T-Ara Hyomin boyfriends

An acquaintance of the couple said, “Hwang Ui Jo and Hyomin get along well like soulmates and lovers. As they are more mature, they respect each other’s boundaries and businesses”.

T-Ara Hyomin boyfriends

The good news for Korean fans is that the singer and Hwang Ui Jo both confirmed their relationship with Dispatch, “We’re in a stage where we are getting to know each other better with good feelings.”

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