Surrounded by controversies, Yoo Ah In may also get canceled by the advertising industry

The advertising industry is facing crises due to the recent controversies surrounding actor Yoo Ah In.

On February 15th, there is a report that the fashion industry is considering terminating contracts with actor Yoo Ah In, who is suspected of using illegal drugs, such as Propofol and marijuana. Online and offline advertisements modeled by Yoo Ah In have already been taken down.

According to Yonhap News, Musinsa said, “We are comprehensively reviewing the solution, including a contract termination”. Nepa also stated, “We are waiting for the result of the investigation”.

Right after the news of Yoo Ah In’s Propofol use broke out, a Chinese clothing brand stopped all promotions related to the actor. China’s local media reported, “The brand may terminate their model contract with Yoo Ah In”.

Amid this confusion, suspicions of Yoo Ah In receiving military service privileges resurfaced due to the recent military service evasion issue in Korea. 

Source: nate

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