Sunye (former Wonder Girls member) revealed a photo of her delicious dinner with JYP before leaving Korea

Sunye, a former member of girl group Wonder Girls, continues to meet other acquaintances in Korea.

On February 12th, Sunye posted a photo on her SNS account and wrote, “Most of the food that I have ever tried for the first time were introduced by Park Jin-young PD-nim”. The released picture showed Sunye meeting Park Jin-young and having a pleasant meal. Meeting Park Jin-young, whom she has known for such a long time, Sunye smiled happily.

In particular, Sunye thanked Park Jin-young for introducing many delicious foods to her. With the hashtag “shark egg”, it seems like Sunye was having a busy day, meeting not only Park Jin-young but also many other acquaintances before returning to Canada.

Meanwhile, Sunye recently appeared on tvN’s show “Mom Is An Idol”.

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