Stars Who Give Houses As Gifts To Their Families: G-Dragon, BTS And More

These Korean celebrities drew admiration with the presents they gave to parents and family members

Voice actress Choi Soo-min, known as actor Cha Tae-hyun’s mother, appeared on a recent broadcast of Channel A’s program “Table For Four” and mentioned the apartment her son gave her. Revealing her business failures in the past, she said, “I sold the house and came to my brother’s house. I really appreciated his help”, adding “I’m also grateful that my children grew up not feeling ashamed of our family.”

When asked about the apartment in Yeouido Cha Tae-hyun purchased for her, she smiled and shared, “I opened my eyes in the morning and knelt down to pray. I wonder if I can really live in such a place. I’m so thankful”.

soyeon jungkook jin

In September last year, T-ara’s Soyeon confessed, “My mother really likes trees so I gave her an apartment near the forest as a gift”. Releasing a panoramic picture of the apartment’s view, the female idol added, “I feel refreshed every time I visit the place. It really suits my mom because she likes trees and forests”.

In the case of BTS’s Jung-kook, he gave a house gift to his brother, not his parents. Jungkook purchased an apartment located in Yongsan-gu, Seoul worth 2.9 billion won in 2019 and gave it to his brother a year later. As of 2021, the price of that apartment was about 4 billion won.

Jin, another BTS member, also bought a 4.2-billion-won apartment under the joint name of his parents in 2019. In the following year, he transferred all his ownership of the apartment to his parents.

G-Dragon used to give a luxury pension to his parents as a gift in the past. The male singer reportedly spent 1 billion won in building the pension and all income management has been entrusted to his mother. According to reports at that time, the rooms in the pension were named after the songs G-Dragon composed or things related to him and designed by G-Dragon himself.

Source: Daum

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