Stars Who Are Rich Thanks To Music Royalties: Jeon So-yeon, Young K & Kim Min-seok

On February 1st, (G)I-DLE’s Soyeon became a full member of the Korean Music Copyright Association (KOMCA). The female idol has participated in composing many hit songs for her group, including “Tomboy”, “Queencard”, Nxde”, etc. 

Back in 2022, Soyeon appeared on Park Myung-soo’s radio program and talked about her royalties. On the broadcast, Park Myung-soo complemented (G)I-DLE’s “Tomboy” and asked, “How did you study composing?”. Soyeon replied, “As a rapper, I started writing lyrics when I was young, then I also learned composing.” When asked if she earned a lot after “Tomboy” became a hit, Soyeon said, “It will be a lie if I say I don’t make much money from it.” 


When Soyeon appeared on JTBC’s program “Knowing Bros”, the cast asked, “What do you get if you give all your parts in the song to the members?”. In response, Soyeon confidently shared, “I receive royalties”.

DAY6’s Young K guested on “Radio Star” and hinted at the big royalties he received, saying “There are 175 songs registered under my name on KOMCA”, adding “As of January 2024, I was in 4th place among idols with the most registered songs”.

young k

The male singer mentioned it once again when appearing on the YouTube content hosted by GOT7’s BamBam. However, Young K added, “I cannot use my royalties as I want”, adding “When I debuted, my father asked me, ‘Do you want to manage the money yourself or I’ll manage it and give you allowances?”. I chose the allowance and I’ve been receiving it until now”.

MeloMance’s Kim Min-seok also boasted about his royalties. When Kim Min-seok appeared on MBC’s “Omniscient Interfering View” in February 2023, Jeon Hyun-moo praised the digital performance of Kim Min-seok’s songs. The cast also mentioned “Business Proposal” OST “Love, Maybe” surpassing 100 million streams and wondered how much he received in copyright fees.

MeloMance Kim Min-seok

Kim Min-seok then surprised everyone when he responded, “I don’t know the exact number because my parents are managing my money”, adding “They gave me an allowance of 5 million won every month. But even when the songs don’t do well, I still receive three times the monthly allowance”. 

Kim Min-seok has written and composed many hit songs for MeloMance, such as “Gift”, “Love, Maybe”, “Invitation”, etc.

Source: Naver

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