Kim Woo-bin’s generosity “Give padded jackets to the entire ‘Officer Black Belt’ team”

Actor Kim Woo-bin’s generosity has been revealed

On November 11th, Kim Woo-bin’s agency AM Entertainment told Newsen, “Kim Woo-bin recently gifted 120 padded jackets to the entire team of Netflix’s ‘Officer Black Belt’ due to the sudden cold weather.”

“Officer Black Belt” is an action comedy about Lee Jung-do (Kim Woo-bin), an ordinary person with 9-degree black belts in Taekwondo, Kendo and Judo, becoming a martial arts officer to monitor and prevent crimes together with probation officer Kim Seon-min (Kim Sung-kyun), who recognizes his sense and martial arts skills.

kim woo-bin

In the drama, Kim Woo-bin portrays Lee Jung-do, a young man who works part-time delivering chicken for his father but cannot pass by people getting into trouble.

Meanwhile, Kim Woo-bin is currently appearing on tvN’s variety show “GBRB: Reap What You Sow”.

Source: Nate

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