Cheerleader Lee Da-hye, who resembles Irene, reveals photos as evidence for her complaint of stalking damages

A famous cheerleader complained about damages caused by stalkers.

On the evening of May 5th, cheerleader Lee Da-hye posted on her Instagram Story photos and videos of some crazy fans flocking to her car in the parking lot. Along with the video, she said, “Please stop”, adding, “What are you doing? You got my phone number on the parking ticket but now even getting near my car just to find out my address?”

Lee Da-hye

She continued, “I know the faces of all of you since I also received more photos besides this one”, adding, “I hope you would feel ashamed and never pretend to know me again. Please do not cross the line”.

It is presumed that the men in the video were trying to find out Lee Da-hye’s personal information through her mobile phone numbers written on the windshield and stickers placed on the car to identify residents of a specific apartment. 

Lee Da-hye

Born in 1999, Lee Da-hye is a cheerleader for the Kia Tigers. She is really famous among netizens and Kia Tigers fans thanks to her outstanding beauty and excellent dancing skills. 

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