50-year-old Jeon Do Yeon Continues to Push the Limits in Hot Scene

Unlike the controversy over her appearance in the previous film, Jeon Do Yeon has received praise from audiences for her comeback this time.

Jeon Do Yeon has made a comeback on screen with her latest drama, Kill Boksoon, following the success of her previous work, Crash Course in Romance. This time, Jeon Do Yeon returns to her familiar and daring image as a passionate woman, which is a stark contrast to her previous “ajumma” image.

Jeon Do Yeon Kill Boksoon

In the drama, Jeon Do Yeon is featured in a bed scene with a younger co-star, although the scene is not as provocative as those in her earlier works, it still surprises the audience. At the age of 50, Jeon Do Yeon is willing to bare her back and deliver lines that make viewers feel “embarrassed” for her.

Jeon Do Yeon’s comeback in Kill Boksoon is also impressive thanks to her captivating appearance. Recently, the actress faced criticism for her appearance in Crash Course in Romance, with audiences claiming that she looked too old to play the role of a 40-year-old woman and said that she looked more like “the male lead’s mother.” However, in Kill Boksoon, the audience can witness Jeon Do Yeon in a cool image, showcasing her charm and a rare elegance that suits her age.

In Kill Boksoon, Jeon Do Yeon portrays Gil Bok Soon, a single mother who takes care of her 15-year-old daughter. Additionally, Gil Bok Soon is also a professional assassin who has a 100% success rate in all her missions. Although killing is easy for her, raising her daughter is a challenging task.

Source: k14

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