Stars Confidently Reveal Their Stories To The Public: From Being Jobless To Husband’s Child Abuse

No longer hiding their feelings, celebrities nowadays are applauded for openly sharing stories with the public

Appearing on a JTBC program on March 2nd, Kim Ji-seok confessed his worries about having no schedule in the first half of this year. The actor said, “People told me that the economy will be bad this year. But still, I want to do something, anything, whether it’s a main role, a supporting role, or a very small role”.

Hwang Jung-eum-ben-Han Ye-seul

In particular, he shared, “The fear and burden when thinking about not being chosen despite having 20 years of acting experience keep pilling up and I don’t know what to do. When I met colleagues in the entertainment industry, sometimes they asked, ‘What are you doing these days?’, and I would say, ‘I’m discussing or reviewing a project’, even when I didn’t have any job. I said, ‘I’m looking through the script’, despite receiving no script at all”.

Hwang Jung-eum

Instead of making up an answer like that, many celebrities nowadays are being more honest about their jobless situation. On her YouTube channel, Han Ye-seul confessed, “I really want to act in movies or dramas. But these days, I really don’t have any projects. I really want to challenge Netflix because I like it. I hope I can have a chance to show you my good acting”. Lee Jang-woo also confessed, “It’s tough. The drama industry has changed”.

han ye seul

In addition to their feelings about works, actors and singers are also opening up about their family issues, such as divorce. 

Hwang Jung-eum filed for divorce from professional golfer-turned-businessman Lee Young-don, and posted some photos of him on her SNS. The actress made headlines when she wrote a meaningful comment, saying “My husband has lived a very busy and interesting life after marrying me. You must have been very busy all this time, so enjoy yourself now”, adding “Do I know if he was cheating on me? I dated him because I didn’t know it”, hinting at her husband’s love affair. 

hwang jung eum

Singer Ben also announced her divorce from W Foundation Chairman Lee Wook last month. Her agency stated, “Ben submitted her application for divorce settlement at the end of last year. The ruling has been made and she is waiting for the final judgment”. It is known that Ben came up with the divorce decision due to her husband’s fault.


T-ara’s Areum recently disclosed the bad behaviors of her ex-husband after filing for divorce. Claiming that her husband abused their children, Areum said, “Kim (her ex-husband) threw the child less than a year old onto the bed. The five-year-old kid was punished, hit and kicked out of the house for making noises when Kim and his mother were sleeping. In addition, Kim spitted on the face of the kid, peed on their faces, and pooped on the older kid’s face when he got angry”.

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