Hwang Jung-eum and her Husband Lee Young-don are Divorcing For the 2nd Time

Actress Hwang Jung-eum and her husband will get divorced despite having reconciled after being on the verge of a breakup in 2021. 

According to an article by The Fact on February 22, actress Hwang Jung-eum and her husband Lee Young-don are currently going through divorce process. 

In particular, close associates revealed that it was Hwang Jung-eum who judged that there are grounds for fault on Lee Young-don’s part and recently filed a divorce suit with the court. 

hwang jung eum

Meanwhile, Hwang Jung-eum married former professional golfer and businessman Lee Young-don in 2016 and has two sons with him. The couple, after four years of marriage, filed for divorce mediation in September 2020. 

However, amidst the divorce mediation process, they reconciled in July 2021. Hwang Jung-eum previously mentioned the reason for their reconciliation on the SBS entertainment program “My Little Old Boy” aired last October, saying, “Lee Young-don was very careful about behaviors I used to dislike, and since I still had feelings (for him), we got back together.” 

There are speculations that the couple ultimately faced a crisis after 8 years of marriage, deciding to go their separate ways again. 

Additionally, just the day before, Hwang Jung-eum posted to her Instagram a meaningful photo of Lee Young-don holding a baby on the sofa.

Hwang Jung-eum

Regarding the photo, Hwang Jung-eum wrote, “My husband, who is so kind, is beautiful. My husband Lee Young-don, who married me and lived so busily and happily. You must have been so busy until now, so now just enjoy it comfortably.”  Her words suggested that there was no problem between the couple.

However, this is the first time that Hwang Jung-eum has publicly revealed a photo showing her husband’s face head-on. Concerned netizens reacted to her sudden upload of several photos at once, speculating if she was hacked, among other things.

Then, when a commenter, who seemed to be a friend of Lee Young-don, wrote, “Young-don doesn’t answer calls,” Hwang Jung-eum replied, “That’s understandable. He’s probably avoiding calls because he’s got a lot going on right now,” hinting that her husband may have done something wrong.

Source: Wikitree

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