Spoiler: Park Min-young Marries Na In-woo, BoA Dies and Song Ha-yoon Is Arrested In Final Episode Of “Marry My Husband”

Park Min-young and Yoo Ji-hyuk successfully avenged the villains and had a wedding ceremony.

In the final episode of tvN’s “Marry My Husband,” which aired on February 20th, Jung Soo-min (Song Ha-yoon) tries to kill Kang Ji-won (Park Min-young) after killing Park Min-hwan (Lee Yi-kyung).

Oh Yu-ra (played by BoA) went to police investigation but walked out confidently. However, Yoo Han-il (played by Moon Sung-geun) told Oh, “You crossed the line this time. Resign your job. If you become a humane person after serving in Africa, you can come back then.” “Why should I resign?” Oh Yu-ra said. “Don’t touch me. What did I do wrong?”

Yoo Ji-hyuk (played by Na In-woo) also came to see Oh Yu-ra and warned her. “Didn’t I told you not to harm Kang Ji-won?” Yoo Ji-hyuk asked, and Oh responded, “What did I do? Do you have any evidence?” Yoo Ji-hyuk indeed prepared evidence. The evidence prepared by Yoo Ji-hyuk is Jeong Man-sik (played by Moon Jeong-dae) and Bae Hee-sook (played by Lee Jeong-eun) who committed the murder. “Be punished. Use everything you have and get your punishment,” Yoo said.

Marry My Husband

After killing Park Min-hwan, Jung went into hiding. Then that night, Jung raided Kang’s house and knocked her out with an electric shock absorber. When Kang woke up, her hands and feet were tied, and Jung prepared to set a fire. Jung said, “I’m sorry, Ji-won. What can I do now? Why do you think only of you?” which was the same thing she said before Kang’s death in her past life.

“I was worried about what would happen if you were wiser. But I’m overestimating you,” Kang said. “You’re the worst one. You put me in a garbage pit and you took everything you liked,” Jung said. “It doesn’t matter if I killed Park Min-hwan.” “There is no evidence anyway. I’m going to turn myself in, saying it was to defend myself. People will feel sorry for me as always if I pretend to be self-reflecting. I won,” she said in a mental victory. “I won,” Kang said, untying the cable ties and subduing Jung. “I feel sorry for myself, so I’ve decided not to run away this time. Don’t hide behind me anymore, and don’t hide behind others. You take care of what you’ve done,” Kang said. What Jung Soo-min said became evidence of the murder as Kang Ji-won was recording on CCTV, so Jung was arrested for murder.

Kang Ji-won and Yoo Ji-hyuk finally succeeded in revenge. “It’s all over now. So don’t worry. I’ll protect you,” Yoo Ji-hyuk said. “I found what I needed to get back, and I just got a chance that wasn’t mine. So be nice to me,” he shared a sweet kiss with Kang.

Marry My Husband

After finishing the investigation, Oh Yu-ra hurriedly headed to the airport to leave the country before a restriction was imposed. She fired her secretary and ran alone on the road. She died in a car accident and took Yoo Ji-hyuk’s fate.

Kang took her to the place where she and Yoo started their second life. “Didn’t we start here? I want to have our second start here as well?” she proposed to Yoo. “You are being too much,” he said. “You can do everything else, but you should leave the proposal to me,” said Yoo, giving her a bouquet of flowers. “I’ve carried it around for a long time, in case I want to propose to you anytime,” he said, handing over a ring he always carried around and proposed to Kang.

Marry My Husband

However, one thing did not change. After being imprisoned, Jung unashamedly acted like a victim. However, she suffered from nightmares about Park Min-hwan. Jung cried out, “Ji-won can’t just be happy without me.”

Kang finally tied the knot with Yoo Ji-hyuk. She appeared in a beautiful wedding dress. With everyone’s blessing, Kang had a colorful wedding ceremony. “Everything has gotten a little better. I believe so,” Kang said, sharing her happy life with Yoo through marriage and child-rearing.

Source: Sports Chosun

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