Son Ye Jin’s airport fashion that turns the scene into her personal runway

The airport fashion of actress Son Ye Jin not only exudes elegance, but also showcases a youthful style.

When attending events or walking the red carpet, Son Ye Jin often dons glamorous outfits that accentuate her attractive figure. However, when appearing at the airport, Son Ye Jin’s fashion brings a different vibe. Instead of opting for vibrant and eye-catching items, Son Ye Jin usually prioritizes basic pieces in neutral colors.

Specifically, a black-and-white color palette dominates Son Ye Jin’s airport style. These choices are simple yet add a touch of sophistication and elegance to the wearer. In fact, in terms of application, comfort, and style, taking inspiration from Son Ye Jin may be optimal.

son ye jin

In her latest appearance, Son Ye Jin impressed with her beautiful appearance and refined fashion sense. The actress wore a set consisting of a t-shirt, a short skirt, and a blazer, which exudes elegance while still maintaining a youthful and vibrant look. The silver pointed-toe heels added a sparkling highlight to the black-and-white ensemble.

By combining a white t-shirt with a matching blazer and blue jeans, Son Ye Jin achieved a youthful yet classy look. The actress also paid attention to items that flattered her figure, and her high-waisted straight jeans, tucked-in shirt, as well as sleek high-heeled sandals perfectly served their purpose.

son ye jin

Despite the black-and-white color scheme, Son Ye Jin’s outfit, consisting of a ruffled blouse and a patterned skirt, still stands out. Alongside bringing forth a sweet and youthful vibe, the actress also donned eye-catching accessories such as sunglasses, silver sneakers, and a patterned bag.

son ye jin

With a white blouse and denim shorts, Son Ye Jin simply looked harmonious, as well as youthful and elegant. At the same time, the white sneakers elevate the outfit to a trendy level, without compromising its sophistication. Son Ye Jin’s tall and slender figure was also perfectly highlighted.

son ye jin

For the cold weather, Son Ye Jin completed a layered look with a black sweater, a denim shirt, a blazer, and skinny jeans. She also added a cap and sneakers, which added a casual yet chic touch. 

Son Ye Jin also optimized a minimalism style with her black blouse, white jeans, and heeled sandals. To maintain the overall outfit’s sophistication and elegance, Son Ye Jin chose a white handbag. The overall look is a perfect choice for office workers, who want to look formal yet not rigid. 

Source: k14

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