ITZY’s Chaeryeong reveals her standard for binge eating is finishing an entire can of Pringles 

ITZY’s Chaeryeong shared her experience of binge eating, but failed to gain sympathy. 

On July 22nd, ITZY’s Chaeryeong appeared as a guest in the YouTube show “My Alcohol Diary” hosted by Lee Young Ji

Lee Young Ji appeared wearing sunglasses that covered her eyes and explained, “Yesterday I ate too much and got swollen.”

Lee Young Ji asked Chaeryeong, who is very slim, “Have you ever binge eaten?” and Chaeryeong replied “a lot”. 

When asked what kind of food she usually binge eats, Chaeryeong said, “I’ve eaten a whole bag of popcorn before. I’ve also eaten a whole can of Pringles chips.”

Lee Young Ji was dumbfounded when Chaeryeong considered eating a whole can of Pringles binge eating.

To Young Ji’s surprise, Chaeryeong continued, “Have you tried eating a can of Pringles at once? Isn’t it 500 calories per can?” Lee Young Ji couldn’t stop laughing because she couldn’t sympathize with Chaeryeong’s standard for binge eating. 

Lee Young Ji then said in a bitter tone, “What makes me a little sad is that what Chaeryeong eats ‘a lot’ is my one meal,” making everyone laugh.

Chaeryeong did not give up and countered, “There was a time when I ate so much that I could see the shape of my stomach. I ate half a watermelon. I also ate three bags of snacks.”

Lee Young Ji, who still could not understand Chaeryeong’s standards for binge eating, said, “What do you mean? I wish I could eat only three bags,” making the studio burst into laughter again. 

Source: insight

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