Day6’s Jae is getting dragged by stan twitter for getting mad over a tweet made by a 13 year old fan

Apparently some Korean fans were mad at Jae for streaming on his Twitch account and felt like he was overshadowing the debut of Day6’s unit (YoungK ,Wonpil and Dowoon)’s upcoming debut ⁣


⁣After hearing about this, the international fan who is supposedly 13 years old posted a roblox meme where the characters were fighting. Jae saw the tweet and got mad saying : “ Wth is this. I don’t ever want to see this kind of crap on my feed again. Please delete this. Everyone is entitled to an opinion. No one is faultless. Lets talk it out. This gif isn’t it”⁣

The young fan immediately started to get hateful messages from some of the 1.8 million people who follow his twitter. In a matter of minutes , the fan deactivated.⁣

Giving a response to what had happened, Jae deleted the said tweet and then made a new one saying :”I don’t want to see anyone fighting anymore. I said what I said and I will no longer speak on this topic.”⁣

Some people have taken offence with this replying to his tweet with :⁣

“no dont move on just apologize to op its not that f**king hard bro”⁣

“u are trippin over a roblox video ?? at ur big age ??”⁣

“no cause imma need you to be more responsible cause you literally did not have to put them on blast like that…”⁣

and many more.⁣

What do you guys think of the situation? do you guys think he was wrong for doing that?⁣

Sources: fansdramaw

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