Song Joong Ki and wife invested a lot of money on their son, 300 USD for children clothes!

A new information regarding the song of Song Joong Ki and Katy Louise Saunders have emerged, drawing attention.

On August 4th, Kim Gu Ra uploaded on his Youtube channel “Guracheol” a video titled “Kim Gu Ra, a man who refuses installment”.

Kim Gu Ra shared, “I visited an outlet store in Paju today”, adding “I went there to buy clothes for my daughter and wife”.

Kim Gu-ra

Casually entering a luxury children’s clothing store, Kim Gu Ra asked various questions about the clothes. He was very surprised to see a 600,000-won set of a dress and a small bag. 

Kim Gu Ra hurriedly went to another children’s clothing store across the road and found stuff with reasonable prices. However, it didn’t have the size he wanted. Returning to the first store, Kim Gu Ra choose a cheaper cotton dress of 164,000 won.

Kim Gu-ra

When Kim Gu Ra asked, “Is this a famous brand?”, the store owner explained, “It’s quite famous since Song Joong Ki’s wife buys lots of clothes here”.

As it turns out, Song Joong Ki and wife invested a lot of money on their son, and would often shop here so as to provide him with the best-quality clothes.

It is known that most children’s clothes in the store cost around 400,000 won (around 300 USD) per item, and a set of shirt/dress along with a bag can cost up to 600,000 won (around 460 USD).

Even the cheapest item would cost around 160,000 won, according to a report from Sports Chosun.

Source: Sports Chosun, Nate

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