Song Ji-hyo Wins Lawsuit To Claim Unpaid Settlements, “Uzurocks Must Pay Her 900 Million Won”

Actress Song Ji-hyo won the lawsuit over unpaid settlements against her former agency 

On November 22nd, the Seoul Central District Court’s Civil Agreement Division 45 (Chief Judge Kim Kyung-soo) announced that Song Ji-hyo won against Uzurocks Entertainment.

The court ruled that Uzurocks should pay Song Ji-hyo 984 million won in unpaid settlements and delayed interests. In addition, the company must also bear the lawsuit cost.

Song Ji-hyo

Since the agency did not respond,  the court concluded the lawsuit without any arguments. According to the Civil Procedure Act, the judgment will be issued if responses are not submitted within 30 days.

Song Ji-hyo signed an exclusive contract with Uzurocks in October last year. However, the company did not pay her and the staff. In April this year, the actress decided to terminate her contract.

In May, she filed a lawsuit against Uzurocks to claim the unpaid settlements. Uzurocks’s former CEO Park Joo-nam was also accused of embezzlement under the Act on Aggravated Punishment and so on of Specific Economic Crimes.

Source: dispatch

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