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“Honestly…” Song Ji-hyo finally confessed after a long silence, netizens’ opinions are divided

Actress Song Ji-hyo appeared in “Turkids on the Block.”

Song Ji-hyo honestly confessed why she decided to have the controversial short haircut. 

Sneak-peek of the next week’s episode was aired at the end of the “Turkids on the Block” Moongsoonimdang & her friend Jamni’s episode, which was released on the YouTube channel “Studio Waffle” on July 1st.

In the released video, actress Song Ji-hyo appeared as the guest. MC Lee Yong-jin said, “Didn’t you get a shocking short haircut? A lot of people guessed that you were trying to overcome the pain of breaking up…”.

Song Ji-hyo said, “Oh, my hair…” while smoothing her hair. Soon, she bowed her head, saying, “Oh, should I talk?” and showed a conflicting appearance.

song ji hyo turkids on the block

After a while, Song Ji-hyo suddenly raised her head as if she had made up her mind and said, “Honestly, I’ll tell you the truth. I’ll be honest with you because this is ‘Turkids’.” Her remarks are then blurred. When Lee Yong-jin heard Song’s answer, he smiled in vain, saying, “Haha.”

song ji hyo turkids on the block

Netizens who have watched the video made all kinds of guesses. Many on the online community FM Korea said, “Maybe because it was too hot,” “Because she’s too lazy to wash her hair?” and “Isn’t it because of her work?”

song ji hyo turkids on the block

In November last year, Song Ji-hyo surprised everyone by transforming into a short haircut for the first time in 21 years after her debut. It was even more surprised because she had had long straight hair for over a decade.

Song Ji Hyo

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