Song Ha-yoon vs BoA: Who Is The Worse Villain In “Marry My Husband”?

While tvN’s Monday-Tuesday drama “Marry My Husband” (a total of 16 episodes) entered its second half, main character Kang Ji-won (played by Park Min-young) had to deal with two evil women.

Kang Ji-won, who expected to find happiness in her second life, successfully let her boyfriend Park Min-hwan (Lee Yi-kyung) marry her best friend Jung Soo-min (Song Ha-yoon). However, another crisis came. Not only Jung Soo-min, Oh Yu-ra (BoA) also appeared, threatening Kang Ji-won, drawing attention to who will be the worse villain.

park min-young Song Ha-yoon Boa Marry My Husband

First of all, Jung Soo-min, the original villain, had secretly bullied Kang Ji-won with various lies. Jung Soo-min has made Kang Ji-won a loner by lying since their school days. She also made Kang Ji-won think that she is her only friend.

Jung Soo-min imitated Kang Ji-won. Their handwritings are the same. Sometimes it feels like she knows Kang Ji-won more than Kang Ji-won herself. Jung Soo-min tried to take away the people around Kang Ji-won and even her life. After marrying Park Min-hwan, Jung Soo-min was angry when she found out that Kang Ji-won was dating U&K heir Yoo Ji-hyuk (played by Na In-woo).

In response, Jung Soo-min tried to mentally harass Kang Ji-won. Jung Soo-min used Kang Ji-won’s mother to try to take him away from her. It was possible because Jung Soo-min knew Kang Ji-won’s psychology. In addition, it implies that the evil toward Kang Ji-won will not end, raising questions about what kind of threat she will become.

A new villain appeared when Kang Ji-won believed that she handled Jung Soo-min and expected a happy life with Yoo Ji-hyuk. It’s Oh Yu-ra. Oh Yu-ra was a powerful character from the beginning as Yoo Ji-hyuk’s ex-fiancee. Not only did she get a head start, but she also threatened Kang Ji-won by using the people around her.

It was also revealed that the rich and famous Yu-ra caused injury to a woman who was entangled with Yoo Ji-hyuk in the past, saying that she hates other people touching her things. The existence of Oh is a big threat to Kang. Unlike Soo-min, Kang has no information and experience about Yu-ra, so it is not easy to cope with the situation. In the preview of the 13th episode, Oh Yu-ra even asked Park Min-hwan to kill Kang. Oh Yu-ra’s outspoken misdeeds are different from Jung Soo-min’s obsession, envy, and jealousy toward Kang.

Source: StarNews

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