Song Ha-yoon, Lim Ji-yeon, Shin Ye-eun: Actresses Who Made Their Name Known With One Villain Role

There are actresses who have reached a turning point in their acting career with their villain roles.

Song Ha-yoon recently hit a jackpot by playing Jung Soo-min in the tvN Monday-Tuesday drama “Marry My Husband,” which ended on February 20th. “Marry My Husband” ended the tvN Monday-Tuesday drama’s poor rating history. Its grand finale even had a maximum rating of 12.0%.

song ha yoon

In this drama, Song played Jung Soo-min, a girl pretending to be innocent and nice to sabotage the main character Kang Ji-won. Song Ha-yoon’s harmless face and expression helped to maximize Jung’s cheekiness. She successfully captured complex emotions such as embarrassment, anger, and anxiety with her voice and facial expressions. In particular, Jung Soo-min’s twisted feelings were drawn in detail towards the second half, and peaked with only two words, “Wow Ssi,” in the scene where she witnessed the affair between Park Min-hwan (Lee Yi-kyung) and Oh Yu-ra (BoA).

Song Ha-yoon started her acting career in earnest in 2005 annd has been active but did not receive much attention. However, when she acted as a villain, she received as much attention as the main character, reaching a turning point in her acting career.

lim ji yeon Shin Ye Eun

The stars who marked a turning point in her acting career with her villainous acting prior to Song Ha-yoon can be found in “The Glory.” They are actresses Lim Ji-yeon and Shin Ye-eun. Lim Ji-yeon and Shin Ye-eun played the grown-up and young versions of the villain Park Yeon-jin in this drama.

Lim Ji-yeon debuted in 2011 and has proved her acting skills in various dramas, but none can be as popular as the role Park Yeon-jin of “The Glory.” Lim perfectly portrayed her shamelessness of a bully who has no guilt for her terrible school violence and other misdeeds. Thanks to “The Glory,” Lim Ji-yeon won Best Supporting Actress in a TV category at the 59th Baeksang Awards.

Shin Ye-eun acted as Park Yeon-jin in high school, who relentlessly bullied the young Moon Dong-eun (Jung Ji-so) without feeling guilty. Shin’s transformation shocked viewers as she has mainly played lovely and bright characters before. Park Yeon-jin was highlighted as her first villain performance since her debut.

Source: OSEN

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