Son Ye Jin’s posted homemade meal, making netizens envious of Hyun Bin

Actress Son Ye Jin recently showed off her excellent cooking skills

On July 11th, Son Ye Jin posted several photos on her official Instagram account with the caption: “I do a lot of cooking these days.

The published photos showed a huge variety of delicious home-cooked meals, from Korean kimbap with harmonious ingredients, to dishes like fried anchovy, oven-fired pizza, burgers, stewed fish, and soup dishes.

Fans could not help but admire the perfect homemade dishes and imagine the visuals of son Ye Jin, who happily cooked for her husband Hyun Bin during their newly-wedded life.

Showing off her food, Son Ye Jin said: “Everyone who cooks well is amazing.” She also jokingly apologized to fans for posting food photos at night. 

Fans who encountered the photos expressed envy towards Hyun Bin for having Son Ye Jin so lovingly cook for him, writing comments like: “You are so good at cooking!”, “I am so envious of Hyun Bin”, and “I can’t believe this is your first time cooking!

Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin tied the knot in a grand ceremony back in March, before leaving for a honeymoon trip in the US.

Later in June, Son Ye Jin announced a surprise pregnancy amid well wishes from netizens, saying: “A new life has come to us. I’m still dazed, but I have been living everyday in both anxiety and excitement as I feel the constant changes in my body.”

Source: insight

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