Why do people loathe reporters whenever idols’ dating scandals are exposed?

It seems that this job can never satisfy netizens when it comes to their idols.

Being a reporter is not only difficult but also dangerous. It depends on each field, but to those who work in the entertainment industry, they have to face many unexplainable challenges while doing their job, especially when they work in the Korean entertainment industry. The growth of the Hallyu has brought a rich source of information and news to the media. But along with that, they have to endure lots of stress due to different kinds of feedback from the netizens. One of the causes for the stress is that sometimes they have to report on idols’ dating scandals, which is not always happy news for fans to take in.

K-pop fans tend to think that they own their idols. Therefore, they never wish to read an article about their idols being in a romantic relationship with someone else. But once the photos as well as evidence proving the authenticity of the “romantic relationship” are revealed, fans tend to believe in the old scenario where the idols are “too busy with schedules to date” instead of believing the proof provided by the media. In the end, the media is usually blamed for delivering false information and then loathed by fans.

Another excuse for fans to hate the reporters is that they would accuse those reporters of invading the idols’ personal life and privacy. It turns out that this excuse is normally supported by fans in general.

Although there are reporters who are immorally doing their job, it doesn’t mean there aren’t hard-working reporters who always try their best to deliver facts and positive information. In fact, journalism is also a service where public is a recipient of the service. Hence, they have the right to complain about it. But media services are born not only to serve the public, but also to reflect the truth. Hopefully in the future the public will not be too harsh with reporters and journalists so that they can continue to offer more to the world in general and the entertainment industry in particular.

Sources: Pann-choa

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