Ji Soo was praised ‘even her shadow on the wall is beautiful’

On May 26, Elle Korea magazine uploaded a story hinting Ji Soo (Black Pink)’s new photoshoot for the July issue. The photo of Ji Soo’ s shadow was captioned: “The Dior muse… Even her shadow is beautiful. ”

Jung Youn Ji, the art director of Elle Korea, also updated a photo of Ji Soo with the caption, “Please look forward to the upcoming July issue. Ji Soo is really beautiful and kind, I completely fell for her”.

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 The praises that Elle Korea production team gave to the YG visual made Blinks very proud.  On her Instagram, Ji Soo also excited fans with a series of behind-the-scenes photos from her latest photoshoot with Elle Korea.

 Ji Soo took photos as the Dior Beauty ambassador in Korea.  In the photos, the female idol has a traditional loose hairstyle, light makeup, a feminine dress and a bouquet of roses.  Many fans agree that Ji Soo looks so gorgeous that even her shadow is “goddess” level.

 Some comments are: “You’re more beautiful than flowers Ji Soo“;  “Always cute and shining”;  “Miss Dior and Miss Korea” … Her member – Rosé – also commented on Ji Soo’s post: “you’re so pretty!!“.

blackpink jisoo shadow 123123 scaled 1
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 Fans think that the female idol born in 1995 is getting more and more beautiful, mature and gives off an actor’s aura.  Many fans criticized YG for wasting Ji Soo’s beauty because she doesn’t have many solo activities and rarely appears like Jennie and Lisa.

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