First interrogation: Seungri refused to submit the phone, Jung Joon Young used the old “trick”

Returning at night, both Seungri and Jung Joon Young have participated in the first interrogation, but their attitude was contrary to their previous promise that they’d be honest.

At about 2 pm on March 14 until 6:30 am on March 15 (lasted for 16 hours), Seungri attended the first interrogation at the Seoul City Police Department in Jongno District for the accusations of prostitution brokerage with foreign investors and bribing the police. Meanwhile, Jung Joon Young participated in the first interrogation session from 10 am on March 14 for illegally filming and spreading explicit contents. Returning at night, Seungri kept his emotionless face, which made everyone feel scared.

Seungri’s face when returning home at night

The results of the first interrogation session were very unexpected. Although they apologized and promised they “will actively participate in the investigation process with the most honest attitude“, Seungri and Jung Joon Young both showed no cooperation in submitting the core evidence – the phone containing a series of shocking messages and the police suspected that they both had discussed it in advance with their lawyers.

According to Chosun, Seungri refused to hand over the phone to the police, while Jung Joon Young handed over his phone but it’s a new one which he had been using for only 2 weeks. Jung Joon Young shamelessly reported to the police: “I changed my phone 2 weeks ago“.

Dong-A Ilbo said that on March 15, two suspects consulted their own lawyers for fear of the consequences of handing over their phones. The content inside Seungri’s phone and Jung Joon Young’s phone probably contains more serious information than the evidence that the police has attained.


According to Ilbo, Jung Joon Young discussed with a lawyer three years ago after being sued by his ex-girlfriend for filming a secret video. “This is a big problem because the hidden camera consisted of the sex clip. Don’t give the phone to the police,” the lawyer advised the male singer. “If I delete the video, can they recover the information? If I hand over the phone, it’ll look strange. I told the company to handle it,” Jung Joon Young continued to discuss with the lawyer. After being sued in 2016, Jung handed the phone to a private forensic company and then joined the trial on the grounds that “I can’t hand over the phone because I have lost it.” The police also handed over the case to the prosecutor’s office three days later without further investigation of the mysterious phone.

Now facing the same crime, Jung Joon Young continues to report to the police: “I changed my phone 2 weeks ago” while Seungri did not hand over the phone. This goes against the promise of both suspects in a sincere apology letter before.

The public was furious: “What happened with the honest promise before?“, “Change the phone for 2 weeks? Are you kidding? He must have enjoyed it right.“,” I thought he had a lot of phones … but he gave the brand new one to the police.“…

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