Somi Replied to Post Insulting YG Idols? Netizens show mixed reactions

A comment of Somi on SNS has roused strong reactions among netizens with

Recently, soloist Jeon Somi, caused a stir on social media after responding to a post on SNS platform X (formerly Twitter). In particular, the female idol commented “Yay they like me” under a post saying “F*ck BIGBANG F*ck TREASURE F*ck WINNER F*ck iKON F*ck 2NE1 We Like you Somi F*ck LOREN”. 

As the original post was deemed as insulting to most YG idols, many people were confused by Somi’s action, and turned to criticize the female soloist.

jeon somi cmt
Somi responded to a post which “insult” YG artists

On the other hand, Somi is known for her straight-forward attitude on SNS, and even recently went viral for refuting an anti-fan who accused her of lip-syncing. Therefore, many people believed that Somi’s response was just a joke, and her comment never agrees with the insult towards YG artists.

jeon somi
Somi joined The Black Label in 2018
And is known to be close with many YG artists

In fact, a fair number of netizens find the situation funny, and urge other fandoms to not take things seriously. 

Meanwhile, Somi has since deleted her controversial comments, seemingly aware of the on-going mixed reactions.

At the same time, previous controversies of Somi’s “careless attitude” on SNS is also being dug up. In particular, she once uploaded an Instagram story of the rankings on a Korean music chart to congratulate BLACKPINK’s Jennie for reaching No.1. However, since the story also included TWICE at No.2, many fans were angry, accusing Somi of laughing when TWICE was surpassed .

jeon somi
Somi was criticized in the past for uploading a story involving Jennie and TWICE

As a result, many people believe that Somi needs to tone down on SNS and be careful with her words and actions instead of “disrespecting” other artists. However, there were also netizens who disagree, claiming that Somi can do whatever she wants. 

jeon som
Somi’s casual use of social media rouse mixed reactions

Source: K14

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