SM Entertainment Addresses Threats to aespa Winter’s Safety Amidst U.S. Tour Preparations

SM Entertainment, the agency of aespa’s Winter, has issued a statement regarding threats to her safety.

In an official press release on August 8th, SM Entertainment stated, “A post threatening Winter’s safety was posted on a community platform yesterday. Upon confirming this, we immediately filed a criminal complaint against the poster of the content at the police station and requested for a swift investigation cooperation.

aespa winter

Furthermore, SM mentioned, “We have also reinforced security personnel and cooperated with airport police for her departure today, ensuring a safe departure,” and explained,The police have received multiple reports recently, and they visited our office yesterday and today to inspect the security and safety status.”

They emphasized, “We will continue to do our best to protect the safety of our artists in the future.

Previously, on August 7th, a post on DC Inside’s ‘Female 

Celebrity Gallery’ threatened to fatally harm Winter with a weapon on August 8th, the day of her departure. 

aespa departed this morning (August 8th) to attend the ‘Outside Lands Music & Arts Festival’ in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, which will be held on August 11th (local time). Due to the threat, the police guarded the departure area.

Starting from August 13th, aespa will embark on a U.S. tour, including Los Angeles, Dallas, Miami, Atlanta, Washington D.C., Chicago, Boston, and Brooklyn. On August 18th, they will release a new English single, ‘Better Things’.

Source: Wikitree

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