Did Yoo Ah-in go to America wearing a celebrity mask? The price is “7000 won”

Actor Yoo Ah-in drew attention by his witty way of revealing himself.

Yoo Ah-in posted several photos and videos on his social media on July 4th, including photos of himself that appeared to have been taken in the U.S.

In the photo, Yoo Ah-in is posing somewhere in the city while wearing a white T-shirt, a blue baseball cap, and a backpack. He wore a hat with short hair, but his sharp jawline, nose, and solid body are still visible.

Yoo Ah-in then took a picture of a real “celebrity mask” with a price tag of “7,000 won” and uploaded it. Netizens who saw Yoo Ah-in’s post showed interest, saying, “Where did you buy the celebrity mask?

Along with various travel photos, Yoo Ah-in posted a video of a lovely cat sitting on her owner’s bag and walking around the street, finishing with a heart emoticon, making viewers happy.

Yoo Ah-in, who impressed movie makers and movie lovers with his intense and passionate performances in last year’s movie “Voice of Silence” and the Netflix series “Hellbound,” is preparing for the Netflix movie “Goodbye Earth” as his next work.

Source: nate

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