SISTAR Dasom revealed her tips for health management, “I take ‘this’ every morning”

Dasom, actress and SISTAR member, revealed her secret of maintaining good health.

Dasom appeared on SBS funE’s “All That Muse 4” and unveiled her morning routine for health care. She recommended probiotics as a nutritional supplement she takes every morning.


Dasom introduced ‘Green Monster Inner Blossom Probiotics’ as a supplement that helps us take care of important parts of our bodies by increasing healthy lactic acid and suppressing harmful bacteria. She also pointed out that this kind of supplement is made in the form of small coated capsules that are easy to swallow, not as powder, and can safely reach the intestine despite external environments, such as heat, humidity, stomach acid, and pressure.


Introduced by Dasom, this ‘Green Monster Inner Blossom Probiotics’ product uses the patented strains of DuPont Danisco, one of the top 3 probiotics companies, and features a container dedicated to transferring lactic acid bacteria with minimal impact from external environments.

Meanwhile, Green Monster is a health food brand that researches and develops products for healthy weight management and inner beauty. Some of their representative products are ‘Hollywood 48 Hours’, ‘Diet 14in1 Green Tea Catechin+’, ‘Detox Kombucha’, etc. ‘Green Monster Inner Blossom Probiotics’ recommended by Dasom can be purchased on the official website and through retailers, such as Olive Young and Coupang. 

Source: naver

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