Shuhua caused controversy for taking over Miyeon’s spot on the M!Countdown thumbnail

Is Shuhua really the most controversial member of (G)-IDLE?

(G)-IDLE is one of the most popular 4th Gen girl groups of Korea. Gathering many outstanding female idols, CUBE Entertainment’s girl group attracts a lot of attention. However, there’s a controversial member in the group, who happened to be Shuhua. She is said to be the least talented in the group and always appears in a faint way.

(G)I-DLE Shuhua
Shuhua is said to debut just to have a nice (G)-IDLE lineup.

Recently, after Soojin left the group because of a scandal, (G)-IDLE returned to the K-pop race with a 5-member lineup. During the comeback with TOMBOY, the singing line division among the members also changed. Accordingly, Shuhua was divided more lines than before, ranked second only after Soyeon. However, her verses were mostly humming, not complete sentences and did not need much vocal technique. 

(G)I-DLE Shuhua
Shuhua had more spotlight in (G)-IDLE’s recent comeback. 

Recently, Shuhua has also received many disputes about her attitude towards the fellow members through a game. (G)-IDLE played a game in which every participant put cone-shaped snacks on their fingertips and the winner will be on the thumbnail of the performance at M!Countdown. While the group was waiting for Miyeon, Shuhua made actions such as pointing, shaking her head, shaking hands, with controversial expressions.

When Miyeon was announced as the winner, Shuhua raised her hand and said that Miyeon was already on the thumbnail last time. Shuhua also leaned on the table and recalled the story that she was promised to put on the thumbnail. Therefore, Yuqi gently pushed her to sit down. Moreover, when receiving the question “Who spent the most time learning choreography?”, Shuhua immediately replied, “Miyeon”. At this time, Soyeon said to Shuhua in a sarcastic way, “Isn’t that you?”.

(G)I-DLE Shuhua
Shuhua was criticized for her “ridiculous” attitude towards her fellow members. 

Debuting in 2018, (G)-IDLE has been active for 4 years and has made a huge impression in public. Cube’s girl group always brings impressive products and unique concepts to the audience. Although has been working with the group for a long time, Shuhua still has not really stood out. Many people even say that she might be the faintest member of the group. 

In (G)-IDLE, Shuhua is a vocalist, a visual and also the maknae of the group. When she first debuted, the female idol was praised by many people for her beauty. But when compared to the other girls of the group, Shuhua is not too outstanding. In terms of charisma, she is not as impressive as the other members.

(G)I-DLE Shuhua
When she first debuted, Shuhua was not highly appreciated. 

In terms of talent, she was never appreciated. The 22-year-old beauty is always labeled as “incompetent visual”. The Taiwanese female idol has repeatedly caused controversy about her weak live singing performance and her distorted voice. Meanwhile, her performance skills are still not good and her expressions are not diverse.

(G)I-DLE Shuhua
Shuhua was criticized for lacking talent compared to the rest of the members. 

Besides, Shuhua was also commented as the most “lazy” member of the group. If you follow (G)-IDLE for a long time, you will realize that Shuhua is often given less singing lines than others in the group. In some songs, the female idol can only sing for a few seconds, sometimes not even singing a sentence. It is worth mentioning that her parts do not require much technique.

Shuhua’s fans say that she can’t sing much because her pronunciation is not good as a foreign idol. But in reality, she has lived and worked in Korea for many years. Many other K-pop foreign idols also have good voices, which are praised by the audience. 

(G)I-DLE Shuhua
Shuhua’s voice improved very slowl. 

Besides, Shuhua’s dancing ability has also caused a stir many times. During her performances on stage, she revealed her unprofessional dancing skills and half-hearted movements. Many of (G)-IDLE’s songs have vibrant melodies, and the choreography is also very strong, so when standing next to her sisters, she doesn’t stand out much.

Besides, the members of (G)-IDLE also have many activities in Korea (Miyeon, Soyeon) and China (Yuqi) or Thailand (Minnie). Meanwhile, Shuhua didn’t have any impressive activities neither in Korea nor Taiwan, her home country.

(G)I-DLE Shuhua
Shuhua has little activity in both Korea and Taiwan. (Photo: Pinterest)

Although she has debuted nearly 4 years, many viewers realize that Shuhua’s singing and performing skills have not really improved. Because she is “less talented” compared to other members of (G)I-DLE, her image in the eyes of the public keeps fading away. Besides, the female idol has also been criticized many times for her bad attitude towards fans and her group’s members.

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